Important Persons Needed For Inpatient Rehabilitation


Inpatient rehabilitation is composed of a multidiscipline treatment team, which is headed, by a rehabilitation doctor or physiatrist. The treatment team consists of a variety of specialists that are more than qualified to address the different needs of the patients admitted to the inpatient rehabilitation facility or IRF. The attending specialist thoroughly manages the patients’ individual needs and goals during the whole duration of the rehabilitation period.

The members of the rehabilitation team are selected based on specific needs and may include the Physiatrist, Nurses, Care Manager, Social worker, Occupational Therapist, Physical therapist, Speech therapist, Neuropsychologist, Psychologist, Therapeutic Recreational Specialist, Vocational Rehabilitation Specialist, Chaplain, Clinical Dietitian, Prosthetist, and Respiratory Therapist.

Physiatrists – These are the doctors present in the rehabilitation field. These doctors receive advanced training and certification in the field of medicine and rehabilitation. They are the experts of the network between nerve, muscles, bones, and brain. The inpatient physiatrist deals with the medical care and oversees progress in therapy.

Rehabilitation Nurses – These are involved in educating both the patient and family about caring needs and therapeutic routines. They also administer medication and teach patients about schedule use and the possible side effects. At the same time, they provide dressing, hygiene and feeding assistance.

Care Managers – They are responsible for communicating with the insurance company for the level of benefits that the patients can enjoy during the duration of rehabilitation. The information taken by the care managers are relayed to the treatment team to maximize the possible rehab packages of the patient.

Social Workers – These people serve as the bridge in both the patient and his or her family in identifying care, and transition needs to ensure a hassle-free discharge. They also evaluate home needs and support system, helps the family through accessing community resources and provides counseling for the adjustment issues related to the disability.

Occupational Therapists – Occupational therapists are the ones responsible for checking the current abilities and development of the treatment plan for the patients. They make sure that the goals in Activities of Daily Living or ADLs are adequately met.

Physical Therapist (PT) – The physical therapists are responsible for the mobility development of the patients residing in the IRF.

Neuropsychologist – These professionals check the thinking abilities and provide understanding that relates to brain injury, brain functioning and more.

Therapeutic Recreational Specialist – The therapeutic recreational specialist helps patients and families in integrating the skills learned in rehab to activities that promote the personal growth and active community involvement.


An Inpatient rehabilitation facility can provide these treatments and care. They admit cases such as amputee rehabilitation, brain injury, burn treatment, complex medical healing, orthopedic recovery, neurological analysis, Parkinson’s disease, pediatric aid, Prosthetics and Orthotics, psychiatry, pulmonary assistance, spinal cord injury, stroke, and therapeutic recreation. All of these medical conditions are assessed in every IR facilities.


Other Helping Hand

Family and significant others of the patients inside the inpatient rehabilitation facility play a relevant role for the clients’ successful recovery too. In addition to being a significant source of motivation, family participation ensures skills learned in therapy sessions are applied rigorously in daily routines. They guarantee to maintain a healthy lifestyle for the patient after discharge since there are a lot of things to be considered. Patient schedules will also include patient and family education sessions for the family members to develop proper awareness, skills, and knowledge that would help the patient’s fast recovery.

Patients with disability need a proper set of medical treatment and attention for them to be properly part of the working society again and live a normal life. That is why the services provided by the treatment team of IRF are very relevant for their successful recovery.

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